About Us

About FinaQA

About Us

Our Mission

An economy is judged by the amount of financial literacy and awareness amongst its people. Our mission is to ‘Compound Financial literacy at an exponential rate’ and what better way of doing it, than through a mobile based application. With more than 300 million mobile users in India we hope to cover the ground and be at par with the developed economies in terms of financial literacy sooner than later.

Our Vision

One and all money matters resolved.

Our Values

Greater the financial literacy, greater will be the financial inclusion for all. From opening a bank account to portfolio management to managing one’s own business one requires only genuine and un-biased guidance. We value our clients and have their best interests at heart.

We have imbibed in our work culture:

  • Integrity - Honesty in the services provided.
  • Competence - Have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Objectivity - Disclosure of limitations in case not able to provide objective financial services.
  • Confidentiality - with regards client information.
  • Fairness - Fair and reasonable fee structure.
  • Professionalism - Empanelled consultants conduct themselves in the utmost professional manner.
  • Compliance - Follow the Code of Ethics and Best Practice Standards as mandated by various Boards and Institutes.
  • Diligence - Careful and persistent services provided skilfully.
Our Value

With these values we hope to hand hold our clients through their good times and bad and taking them on the path to wealth and prosperity.

Jiza Agashe

Jiza Agashe

Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM)

MBA (Finance)

Tell us about yourself, you say In reply to that, I would say… I am still learning a lot about me each day.

Born to loving parents, nurtured to dream big 'Low aim is a crime' they would say.

Schools did their bit to teach me skills, Chemistry, business and financial planning Inherent qualities like analytical reasoning, Made these subjects to me very interesting.

Travelled the world as an Airhostess, Experiencing things at their worst and their best. That did not deter me from being adventurous, certainly not without any caution.

Life's experiences taught me some hard lessons, Money concerns are all the same to a poor or rich person. Not having enough monetary provisions despair and compromise are one’s companions.

Not wanting others to suffer the same I practice as a certified financial planner. Alleviating people’s monetary concerns Hoping to make their lives a little better.

Having a creative mind, Ideas keep coming to me all the time, FinaQA was born on one such occasion A query platform for consultation

-- Jiza Agashe